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The history of ACCS's newsletter SKRBNIK dates back to October 1992. Whilst the 'idea' of such a newsletter was on the drawing board for over 12 months, it wasn't until late 1992 that the first edition was produced. Members of the committee at the time need to be acknowledged for the publication of the first newsletter, whilst workers need to be acknowledged for the contents and compilation of the newsletter.
SKRBNIK has evolved over the years and come a long way. Computers were a rarity and the common typewriter was used for all forms of correspondence. It was a tedious task completing one page of SKRBNIK but the problem was exacerbated when mistakes were found and pages needed to be retyped. Black and white printing was the only colours available as finances didn't allow for professional printing or full colour.
The idea behind SKRBNIK was to inform and disseminate up to date information relevant to Croatian migrants living here. The newsletter not only focused on welfare and social issues, but also incorporated a large proportion of immigration topics. With a war raging in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina at the time, immigration issues, law changes, visa restrictions were very relevant topics for relatives here in Australia.
Today, 22 years later SKRBNIK has continued to inform and educate the Croatian community on matters very relevant to life here in Australia. SKRBNIK is professionally published in full colour, with 2 editions a year, at Christmas time and Easter.
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