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Welcome to Australian Croatian Community Services

Welcome to Australian Croatian Community Services

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Your support has repeatedly played a key role in our success. There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your loyalty. We at ACCS are continually inspired by the the dedication and generosity of donors like yourself who answer the call to give again and again.

The Australian Croatian Association was formed in 1951 by Australian Croatian migrants seeking a place of gathering with a view to establishing themselves withing the Australian community. Volunteers built the Hrvatski Dom or Croatian House in 1976 and from these humble beginnings the club grew into a community venue with over 500 members and weekly patronage ranging from 1000 to 2000 people. The key driver in the long term success of the Hrvatski Dom / Croatian House is its ability to provide an authentic Croatian experience centering on history, family values, good food, drink and friendly staff who make patrons and visitors feel like they have truly come to their second home. This atmosphere allows not only Australian Croatians to visit, but also the wider community. Over the years the considerable planning in structuring the Association has paved the way for the members to unanimously decide to embark on the great journey of building a modern day club that will take the current community another 30 years into the future.

News and Events


27 Apr 2020

We have moved

27 Apr 2020


12 Nov 2019

ACCS Computer Classes Melbourne and Geelong Graduation.  

30 Oct 2019

We are excited to announce that we have received a grant of $9500 from Brimbank City Council  30 October 2019

21 Aug 2019

Nursing Home Geelong under construction!!!  

20 Aug 2019

AHD Melbourne is our Platinum Donor for Cro Dinner Dance  

19 Aug 2019

ID GROUP are again our Platinum Donor for Cro Dinner Dance

11 Jun 2019